Need a Vehicle Title Bond?

Surety Bonds for Lost Vehicle Titles may be required if you have a lost title or stolen vehicle title. A surety bonds or title bonds is a guarantee against damages if an individual claims ownership of a vehicle with a missing title.

Vehicle title bonds are also known as:

  • Certificate of Title Bond
  • Lost Title Bond
  • Defective Title Bond
  • Bonds protect any prior owner or lien holder and any subsequent purchaser if new certificate issuance of a title causes loss or damage.
Vehicle Title Bond - North Carolina
Vehicle Title Bond - North Carolina

North Carolina Surety Bond Requirements

The state of North Carolina requires individuals with without proof of vehicle ownership to post a 3 year surety bond. The bond amount must be equal to 1.5 times the current appraised value of the vehicle.

NCDOT – Obtaining a Vehicle Title using a Bond

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